Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is this the Palestinian moment?

With the Arab Spring changing the political dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa, is this the Palestinian moment? On the next Your Call, we'll have a conversation about how "Arab Spring" has changed the balance between Israel and the Palestinians. Join us live at 10 or send us an email at feedback@yourcallradio.org. Hamas and Fatah have decided to join forces and push for UN recognition of a Palestinian state. Would UN recognition of a Palestinian state make a difference for Palestinians and their future? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.

Beshara Doumani, professor of history at UC Berkeley

Jeff Halper, founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

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Anonymous said...

How was Rose ever allowed to host a radio show? This was one of the most one sided, shallow reports to come out of 91.7 in a long time. Is Rose even remotely aware that Syria has just killed over a 1,000 civilians - it's own people? Is she aware that Syria is trying to take attention away from it's own murderous rule by throwing its civilians towards Israeli borders. Why did Rose forget to mention that Syrians are being paid $1,000 to rush the border. $10,000 going to families if they are shot and killed? Maybe she forgot all this because she has an agenda. And that agenda does away with truth if it gets in her way.

Elliott Blatt said...

I agree. Rose seems like a nice person but is also a very committed ideologue and is not interested in two sides of a story. This show is precisely the reason why I do not contribute to KALW. I've written the station about this and have received no response.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous (June 7, 2011 11:04 AM), you had the same chance to call into the radio program as anyone else. There was a UC Berkeley Palestinian-American history professor (Professor Beshara Doumani) on the program and an *Israeli-American Jew* on the program. Jeff Halper -- now harshly critical of Israel's ideological racism and persistent human rights abuses and oppression against the Palestinian (and Lebanese) people, in recent years finally realizing a lot more of what I and others have said many years ago about Zionist/Israeli Jewish racism.

So, why didn't you (and Elliot Blatt) call in with your Zionist Jewish comments/questions?: you've got more of an opportunity to make your comments, and briefly give your Zionist propaganda side (which we are given all the time _everywhere else_ in the mainstream American/Western media), in an *alternative* media "Your Call" radio call-in than pro-Palestinian human rights advocates and anti-Zionists ever get a chance on the Zionist Jew Michael Krasny's KQED-fm, so-called, "Forum" radio show (where call-ins are politically screened and censored and where Krasny and KQED radio or TV *never* has anti-Zionist anti-racist perspectives or anyone, not even Jewish, highly critical of Israel) or anywhere else in the _entire_ mainstream American and Western media. And, in fact, at least a couple of Zionist Jews did call in to the show -- and were allowed on the air -- to make their little, typical, Zionist racist-apologist propaganda comments. So, what more do you Zionists want: complete monopoly of Zionist views (propaganda) like Zionists have almost everywhere else in the U.S./West?

-- Joseph (Anderson) from Berkeley