Monday, October 6, 2008

Your Call 100708 A New New Deal

What can we learn from the New Deal now? On the next Your Call, we'll spend the hour looking at the history of the New Deal and the US economy in the 1930s. The phrase New Deal has come to symbolize the sweeping legislation that was introduced to lift the country out of recession. Were there solutions back then that would make sense today? How did people at the grassroots come together to help each other as the Great Depression hit? Can we apply some of those strategies today? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.

Guests: Peter Rachleff, Professor of History at Macalester College
Paul Boden, Director of Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008 6:00-9:00 pm
Can we talk about issues that matter?
Delancey Street Club Room
600 Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA

Join the Women's Intercultural Network, Marcus Books, and the California Women's Agenda for a conversation on issues that matter: culture, race, oil, peace, energy, immigration, healthcare, water, gender, the economy, voting machines, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more. Be there with Rose Aguilar, Dr. Raye Richardson, founder of Marcus Books, and a panel with diverse points of view, followed by table conversations with community activists.

Let's get out the vote and frame an agenda for 2009!

Your Call 100608 Can birds and humans coexist?

How can birds and humans coexist? On the next Your Call, we'll explore the adventurous world of bird migration and what role humans play in preserving these seasonal voyages. Each fall, millions of birds travel south compelled by changes in food availability, habitat and weather. Healthy waterfowl habitats are critical for this passage to remain uninhibited. What are the conditions of these habitats and how can we create a world where human activity does not disrupt this natural flow? It's Your Call with Rose Aguilar.

Guests: Beth Huning, Coordinator, San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Brad Bortner, Chief, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Division of Migratory Birds and Habitat Programs

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Do you have friends in swing states?

If you have relatives or friends in the states that are toss-ups in this election, we want to know what they think. Next Wednesday, after the second debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, we'd love to hear from your swing state friends and relations. So if you know people in Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida who'd give their reaction to the debate drop us an e-mail at so we can either get them on the show, or have you on to let us know what they had to say when you checked in with them.