Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Your Call 010908 Care For What We Share: Space

How do we care for the things we share? On the next Your Call we launch a new series on Global Commons.  We'll look at the heritage, ideas, medicines and places that we all hold in trust and use together. Our first show will examine the largest commons, Space. Space starts just outside our atmosphere and goes on forever. Is it a limited resource that needs care in its exploitation or is it vast enough for private companies and governments rich and poor to share? What rules should apply there and who should enforce them and should the space cops be packing heat when they're up there? It's your call, with Rose Aguilar and you.

Mike Moore
Author of Twilight War: The Folly of U.S. Space Dominance.

Kim Alaine Rathman
She received a doctorate in Ethics and Public Policy, with an emphasis in Outer Space Law and Policy, from the cooperative program between the Graduate Theological Union and the University of California, Berkeley; a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Religion and Society from Union Theological Seminary in New York.

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