Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Call 033108 Solar Rising

Why is solar rising over the Bay Area? On the next Your Call, we're rebroadcasting a conversation we recently had with a panel of stakeholders in the solar boom. Cities are making it easier to install panels on residences and offices, local companies are spearheading research into new technologies, and local contractors and non-profits are making it practical. What policies are happening in your neighborhood to make solar's present as bright as its future? It's Your Call with Sandip Roy.

David Hochschild in San Francisco
Vice-President of Solaria, a start-up; he is a commissioner on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and a founder of the non-profit Vote Solar. He joins us in our San Francisco studio.

Johanna Partin in San Francisco
Renewable Energy Program Manager in the San Francisco Department of the Environment. She joins us from San Francisco.

Cisco Devries in Berkeley
Spokesperson for the City of Berkeley.

Click to Listen: Solar Rising (rebroadcast)