Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your Call 051309 Can the special election save California?

Can the special election save California? On the next Your Call we'll speak with John Myers and Trudy Schafer about the upcoming special election. The vote aims to direct emergency funds to the fledgling California Budget but is being ignored by most Californians. Can the ballot measures get California back on track, or do we need to go back to the drawing board? Why should we care about the special election? Join the conversation at 866-798-TALK, that's 866-798-8255. Or send us an email at Can the special election avert further crisis? It's Your Call with Ben Temchine and you.

John Myers, The California Report's Sacramento bureau chief. He writes the daily newsblog, "Capital Notes," and host a weekly political podcast of the same name.

Trudy Schafer
Senior program director of the League of Women Voters of California

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