Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Your Call 020309 Is the FDA on our side?

Is the Food and Drug Administration on our side? On the next Your Call, we'll have a conversation about the policies of the FDA. It's responsible for overseeing the safety of drugs, medical devices, food, cosmetics and many other health-related products. We will focus on drug safety. In 2006, the Government Accountability Office found that the FDA does not have clear policies for drug safety. So what needs to change? And how do you decide if a drug is safe enough for you? It's Your Call with Rose Aguilar and you.


Dr. Peter Lurie, deputy director of the Health Research Group at Public Citizen.

Dr. Nissen, chairman of the Cleveland Clinic's department of cardiovascular medicine.

Dr. Marcia Angell, senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

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