Monday, July 18, 2011

What can we learn from the California in the 1930s?

On the next Your Call, we're going to go back in time and revisit California in the 1930s. We'll talk about how citizens and political leaders responded to the Great Depression with efforts to promote not only jobs, but lasting infrastructure, art and literature. We are suffering with a dire economic situation today--so what can we learn from that historic period? Join us at 10 or email Are there programs we might consider using today from that era? It's Your Call with Holly Kernan and you.

Gray Brechin, historical geographer and author; project scholar of California's Living New Deal Project with U.C. Berkeley Department of Geography

David Kipen, owner of Libros Schmibros and former National Endowment for the Arts' director of Literature

Lauren Coodley, author of The Land of Orange Groves and Jails: Upton Sinclair's California, and California: a Multicultural History in Documents

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