Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Your Call 070908 Guns after Heller

What should the Left's position be on guns? On the next Your Call we'll discuss the impact of the Supreme Court decision that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual's right to bear arms, and overturned the legal tradition that the right was collective. So if guns can't be banned, what kind of regulation, if any, would create a safer, healthier world. We'll talk with anti-gun lefties, pro-gun feminists and a scholar who says gun laws have always been more about controlling the poor than they were about controlling guns. On the next Your Call with Sandip Roy and you.

Don Kates in Battleground, Washington
Research Fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland and author of Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out.

Laura Cutilletta in San Francisco
Staff attorney with the San Francisco based gun control group, Legal Community Against Violence. She joins us from San Francisco.

Mary Zeiss Stange in Montana
Professor of Religion and Women's Studies at Skidmore College and author of Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in America Today.

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