Monday, February 11, 2008

Your Call 021208 How should we preserve biodiversity?

What is being done to protect our biodiversity? On the next Your Call, we continue our series on the commons by focusing on our ecosystem. California is one the most biologically diverse areas in the world with 30,000 species of insects, 8,000 plants, 563 birds, and 190 mammals. Globally, as many as 50,000 species disappear every year, mostly from human activity. How will global warming affect efforts to protect biodiversity? And what can we do to protect our natural resources? It's Your Call, with Sandip Roy, and you.

Stuart Pimm, Professor of Conservation Ecology at Duke Univ.

Dr. Healy Hamilton, Director of Center for Biodiversity Research and Information at California Academy of Sciences

Peter Brastow, Founding Director of Nature in the City

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