Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your Call 111708 Iraq Update

How is Obama's victory changing life in Iraq? On the next Your Call we'll broadcast a pre-recorded conversation about the future of the occupation. From the streets to the halls of power, what do Iraqis face each day and what do they believe is possible with the Democrats in charge? Now that Obama is about to take ownership of Bush's war, what forces are constraining what he can do? On the next Your Call with me, Rose Aguilar and you.

Guests: Jabran Mansoor in Amsterdam
Former Administrative Coordinator of the International Institute for the Rule of Law in Iraq, which worked with the government of Iraq, and before that the coalition authority, to establish an independent judiciary. Mr. Mansoor left Iraq in left Iraq since September 2007; and is looking for work in the Netherlands.

Leila Fadel in Baghdad
McClatchy's Baghdad Bureau Chief, where she has been, on and off, since June 2005.

Juan Cole in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan and author of

Nabil Al Tikriti in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Assistant Professor of History at the University of Mary Washington

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