Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your Call 072108 What's next in Iran-US relations?

Where is the United States' relationship with Iran heading? On the next Your Call, we'll look at a number of recent developments. In a major policy shift, the U.S. announced to send a high level State Department official to Geneva to meet with Iranians on the nuclear issue. According to the Guardian, the U.S. plans for a diplomatic presence in Iran. What should we make of the recent developments? Where does Israel fit in this equation? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.


Thomas Powers, a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books and the author of Intelligence Wars: American Secret History from Hitler to al-Qaeda.

Mansour Farhang, Iranian-born author and former diplomat. He teaches international relations and Middle Eastern politics at Bennington College, Vermont.

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Your Call 071808 Media Roundtable

On the next Your Call it's our Friday Media Roundtable, the day we discuss how the media covered the week's top stories. This week, the IndyMac Bank collapsed, we got higher inflation numbers, and the Bush administration proposed even more bailouts. Are the media giving you the context you need to understand what's happening? We'll also will talk about coverage of California's fires with Neil Shea of National Geographic. Where did the media shine this week and where did it fall short? It's Your Call with Rose Aguilar, and you.

Amy Gluckman, co-editor of Dollars & Sense

Neil Shea, staff writer for National Geographic

Russell Carollo, Sacramento Bee staff writer

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