Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Your Call 081308 Green Car Conundrum

Do alternative fuel cars solve our problems? Can a car based transportation system ever be sustainable? On the next Your Call we'll discuss the latest electric, hybrid, low-emission diesel and alternative fuel cars. Makers of next generation electric cars say they get the equivalent of 170 miles per gallon, but are the claims road tested any better than the prototypes? Are hybrids better than today's diesel? Does changing the fuel in the motor solve all or even most of the problems we get with cars? It's your call with Sandip Roy and you.

Shannon Arvizu in LA
Writes for Autobloggreen.com and Triplepundit.com and is a PhD candidate in Environmental Sociology at Columbia University. Her thesis is about the clean car movement.

Meghan Sinott in Portland
Publicity, Advertising and Apparel organizer for the June 2008 Carfree Cities Conference in Portland, Oregon

Michou Olivera in San Francisco
Co-owners of Luscious Garage a SF repair shop that only works on hybrids. Olivera BARTs to work and on weekends rebuilds classic muscle cars.

Russ Heimerich in Sacramento
Spokesman for the California Bureau of Automotive Repair's Drive Healthy Campaign

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