Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Your Call 110707 On the Record: Senator Chris Dodd

What kind of a president would Senator Chris Dodd make? On the next Your Call, we continue our On The Record series where we look at the voting records of presidential hopefuls. This week, we’re focusing on Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut. Senator Dodd is making waves for stalling the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act until amnesty for telecom companies is removed. Dodd has been in Congress for 33 years. Where does he stand on issues you care about and who’s funding his campaign? Join us on the next Your Call with me, Rose Aguilar, and you.

Tom Swann, executive director of the CT Citizen Action Group and previously ran Ned Lamont’s campaign against Joe Lieberman.

Bill Curry, columnist for the Hartford Courant, a two-time Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut and a White House advisor in the administration of Bill Clinton.

Hari Sevugan, spokesperson for Chris Dodd for President
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