Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your Call 052009 Again in Afghanistan?

Can the Obama Administration's strategy in Afghanistan leave the country better off? On the next Your Call we'll talk about the changes announced by the Obama Administration for the war in Afghanistan: a new general running the show and 21,000 more troops on the way. Is this a break from a military-first approach, or just escalation? What are the United States' interests there? Send us an email at or join us live at 11 am. How can the left best advance non-military approaches in Afganistan? It's Your Call with Sandip Roy and you.

Gilles Dorronsoro in DC
Visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment, where he focuses on security and political development in Afghanistan. He was a professor of political science at the Sorbonne, Paris and the Institute of Political Studies of Rennes and author of Revolution Unending: Afghanistan, 1979 to the Present (Columbia University Press, 2005)

Rodney Jones in DC
Director of the United States Institute of Peace's Pakistan/South Asia Program and the Pakistan Working Group. Prior to joining the Institute, Jones was President of Policy Architects International, a national security-consulting firm in Reston, Virginia. He served as a senior officer in the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency from 1989-1994, participated in the INF and START negotiations, and led the ACDA team in the JCIC in negotiating START I implementation. He was born in India and has done field work for scholarly purposes both in India and Pakistan.

Rona Popal in San Francisco
Executive Director of the Afghan Coalition. In 1992, she formed the Afghan Women's Association International.

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