Thursday, December 8, 2011

How much better have things gotten for LGBT youth?

On the next Your Call, we'll talk to Ron Schmidt, author of Once Removed, about his journey from life as a closeted gay student in Catholic schools, to marriage and single-parenting, through alcoholism and psychotherapy, to working as a teacher in CA public schools and starting organizations to support LGBT youth. Are schools safer for queer students and families today? Join us at 10 or email us at What's the best way to help LGBT youth feel safe and supported? It's Your Call with guest host, Angie Coiro, and you.

Ron Schmidt, founder of South Bay chapter of the Bay Area Network of Gay and Lesbian Educators (BANGLE), and author of Once Removed: A Story of Love, Loss and a Cause Championed

Jill Marcellus, director of the Make It Better Project with the Gay-Straight Alliance

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