Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your Call 060208 What Do You Think of Term Limits Now?

Is this Tuesday's election evidence that term limits work? On the next Your Call, talk about the profound effects that state and local term limits are having on the political landscape of the Bay Area this year. There are open city council races in Oakland and San Francisco; contested Democratic primaries between incumbents and a termed out politician looking to move up. Is your judgment of term limits confirmed by what you are seeing this year? And if your opinion is changing, which way are you shifting? On the next Your Call with me, Ben Temchine and you.

David Latterman in San Francisco
Heads the political consultancy firm Fall Line Analytics that looks at survey and voting data and uses them to understand how our elections and politics are working. He joins us from his office in San Francisco.

Thad Kousser in San Diego
Professor of political science at UC San Diego and the author of the book Term Limits and the Dismantling of State Legislative Professionalism. He joins us on the line from Southern California.

Jesse Taylor in Berkeley
Writes about East Bay politics in his Undercurrents column which is published in the Berkeley Daily Planet. He joins us from Oakland.

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