Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your Call 103008 The Future of Nuclear Power

Where does nuclear energy fit into our future? On the next Your Call we'll look at where Senators John McCain and Barack Obama stand on the future of nuclear. Many people have a vision of nuclear power frozen decades in the past by the disaster at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Has nuclear energy technology advanced as much as boosters say? Should nuclear compete in the market of ideas alongside coal, solar and wind, or is it a special case? It's Your Call with Sandip Roy and you.

Guests: Jim Riccio in Washington
Greenpeace's Nuclear Policy Analyst. He has worked for the Nuclear Information Resource Service as well as the Critical Mass Energy Project at Public Citizen.

Michael Mariotte in Washington
Executive Director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Peter Schwartz in San Francisco
Chairman and cofounder of the Global Business Network. Previously headed scenario planning for Royal Dutch/Shell in London and directed the Strategic Environment Center at SRI International; he is the author of Inevitable Surprises and The Art of the Long View.

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