Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Call 070809 What happened in Honduras?

What happened in Honduras? On the next Your Call we try to get past the global political considerations and try to understand on its own terms the military takeover and expulsion of President Manuel Zelaya. Is American influence really as powerful and nefarious as it is sometimes is portrayed? Are there changes happening there that neither progressives nor the Obama Administration fully understand? Send us an email at or join us live at 11 am. When we view world events through the lens of the superpower, what do we miss?

Jose Castro in Nashville, Tennessee
Honduran radio host in Nashville, Tennessee. He hosts Puntes de Interes on 810 AM La Sabrosita.

Grahame Russell in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Co-Director of Rights Action which funds community-controlled development, environmental, human rights and emergency-relief projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Chiapas and Oaxaca (Mexico) and El Salvador, and does education and activism work with North Americans to address global exploitation, repression, enviro-destruction and racism.

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