Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's the value of local redevelopment agencies?

On the next Your Call, we'll talk about how redevelopment agencies work and whether they should be saved. Governor Jerry Brown's proposal would eliminate funds for redevelopment agencies which are responsible for improving blighted areas. The plan would take billions of dollars out of city coffers and send it to school districts, counties, and the state. So what's at stake if we lose these agencies? Join us live at 10 or send us an email at feedback@yourcallradio.org. What's an example of urban redevelopment you've seen? How did it change the neighborhood? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.

Jean Quan, mayor of Oakland

Gabriel Metcalf, executive director of SPUR

Richard Walker, professor of Geography and co-director of Global Metropolitan Studies at UC Berkeley

Amy Neches, manager of project area planning and development for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in Lompoc Ca., on the central coast 40 minutes north of Santa Barbara. It is a blue collar working man type town, not real pretty. The redevelopment here (the downtown) has consisted of fancy new sidewalks, benches,and landscaping. Their are about six major property owners who own the major buildings in the downtown. One has upgraded his building and has excellent tennants(businesses) in the building. The other buildings are run down,property owners "minimually" maintain them and the tennants (businesses) in those buildings are a mostly a joke. The city in the guise of well "lets all get together and help each other rebuild downtown" has done nothing effective to get these property owners to invest in their properties. (Most of the property owners own the building outright or the building is a tax right off and they have no intention of using "their money" to upgrade "their investment. I say shut down the "redevelopment agencys" and use exhisting earthquake and other building codes laws to get these buildings torn down. "Eminite domain" laws might work here just fine to actually take away the properties from these irresponsible property owners.