Thursday, August 25, 2011

What are the pros and cons of ballot propositions?


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James the Advocate said...

Literally, thousands of low income, poor, disabled, vets, students, homeless, retirees are able to have much needed cash; be productive only by working to gather signatures. To get people to stay involved in provess, especially in this Depression, must be compensated, so we see putting Badges to ID paid vs. pure volunteers is GREAT but local dollars must flow or people starve or turn to crime if not paid. James the Advocate

El Dorko said...

I've been sick of ballot propositions for ages. We elect legislators to legislate. Other than in exceptional circumstances, ballot propositions are just bad for democracy. Especially in recent years, the process has become rife with corporate abuse and misleading propositions, and the voters don't understand what they are voting on. Let lawmakers make the laws.

grannygear said...

One big problem with paid signature gatherers is that often times they don't even understand what they are asking you to sign. I have seen poor and homeless people gathering signatures for housing propositions that would make it even more difficult for them, and yet they just parrot whatever who is paying them tells them to say. Then, you have those that are bussed in from out of town, into our town for things that don't even affect them!!!! Montana abolished paid signature gathering, why can't we?