Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you in the working class?

On the next Your Call, we'll mark International Workers Day and we want to hear from you. Economic discussions mainly focus on the middle class and we spend less time talking about workers. So who is the working class in America today? Join us live at 11 or send us an email at feedback@yourcallaradio.org. Do you think of yourself as working class? In a time of economic upheaval, what do you want the world to know about your experience? It's Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.

The listeners

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Bernard said...

Thanks for the show. Very rare to have folks discuss this topic. I posted it to my blog: http://righttobelazy.com/blog/

But while I was glad to hear that so many listeners favored a General Strike, I didn't get the sense that there was a popular demand. Taxing the rich is not a revolutionary demand.

And what about the massive unemployment? The working-class is facing a lack of jobs, certainly no good paying jobs, and fast becoming the pauper-class.

Until we deal with the vastly changed economic conditions that the rich have dealt us, as Grace Lee Boggs suggests in her new book, we are chasing fantasies.

Oliah said...

Taxing the rich may not be a revolutionary demand, but if working class people point the finger at the tax breaks for the rich and corporate loopholes, and demand progressive taxation, and start to have more class-consciousness, this is an important step. In order to "deal with the vastly changed economic conditions that the rich have dealt us," it is important to identify the source of those conditions.