Thursday, May 13, 2010

What will it take to end the siege on Gaza?

On the next Your Call, we'll have a conversation with independent scholar Norman Finkelstein and Iraqi/British Rap artist Lowkey. Professor Finkelstein is out with a new book, This Time We Went Too Far - Truth & Consequences of the Gaza Invasion. We will also talk about American Radical, a new documentary about his lifelong activism on Palestine-Israel. What are ordinary citizens doing to end the occupation? It's Your Call with Rose Aguilar and you.

Norman Finkelstein, an independent scholar, author and activist
Lowkey, an Iraqi-British rap artist

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Anonymous said...

Good & important show. I have 2 thoughts to share:

1) Am I the only one in the world who has come to think that the world is treating Palestinians just as the Jews were treated in the 30's? The world knew what was happening but chose to ignore it thus leaving the Jews to their fate.

2) I have several friends who are Jewish but are not involved in a Temple - I think of them as secular Jews who trteasure their heritage but don't seem very involved. While talking w/ one of them about the Israeli/Palestinian situation I noticed her eyes were filling w/ tears. I didn't think that what I had said, while critical of Israel, was so harsh that it should evoke her reaction but I changed the the subject immediately. Later I was able to ask a mutual friend (Jewish) about what had happened. She stated that she thought that Jews, even those who don't appear to have strong ties to the culture or religion, believe if 'it ever gets bad again there will be someplace safe to go'.

This put in in perspective for me but it makes discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict very difficult. I now avoid it because I don't want to hurt my friends. I'm sad because I don't think I can talk about the current situation w/ the very friends who have a perspective & cultural knowledge that I lack.


hnorr said...

I caught part of this discussion, but missed th beginning. I tried last night and again this morning to listen to the archive, but the link doesn't work. Please fix!

Peter Micek said...

Thanks for the heads-up, we'll try to fix that link!