Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Which Women Do Feminists Champion Today?

Who are the women championed by today's feminist movement? On the next Your Call, we will celebrate Women's History Month. It was introduced 100 years ago by a German socialist Clara Zetkin but how much of that history is with today's women's movement? What does it mean to be a woman in today's society? Join us live at 11 or send us an email at feedback@yourcallradio.org. Which women would you like to see honored during Women's History Month -- or year-round? It's Your Call, with me Rose Aguilar and you.

Nona Willis Aronowitz, journalist and cultural critic.

Katie Kanagawa, a lecturer at San Francisco State University. Her areas of interests are contemporary U.S. film and popular culture, feminist histories and theories.

Cynthia Enloe, a feminist scholar and a Research Professor of Women's Studies and International Development at Clark University.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this program very much and thought it was far superior to the coverage provided by outlets like CNN and The Huffington Post. However, I have a few questions:

1. Why did you wait until March 30 to celebrate Women's History Month? I was disappointed when you didn't do a program about feminism on Int'l Women's Day (March 8).
2. When are you going to do a program about dealing with anti-feminist backlash?
3. Mother's Day is coming up, so are you going to do a program about mother's rights, otherwise known as work-family balance? Are you going to interview Sharon Lerner, author of the forthcoming, "The War on Mothers: On Life in a Family Unfriendly Nation"?
4. Father's Day is coming up, so are you going to do a program about responsible, pro-feminist fatherhood? Men today do more housework and childcare than their fathers and grandfathers did, but it's still far from 50%.

Progressive can not afford to cede these family justice issues to conservatives.