Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does Breast Cancer Awareness Month Work?

Does breast cancer awareness month work? Every October, millions of Americans take part in events to raise money and consciousness about breast cancer. But how much do we know about where the money goes, and is it bringing us closer to a cure? If you wear a pink ribbon or take part in a breast cancer walk, what change do you hope to make?

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Barbara Brenner, director of the Breast Cancer watchdog group, Breast Cancer Action.

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Anonymous said...

Rising cancer incidence is NOT necessarily a bad thing. Countries that have relatively high life expectancy and other statistics generally associated with high living standards usually have high cancer rates too. Cancer is a genetic disease at its root and because merely living generates reactive metabolic products, living longer tends to be associated with cancer. Delayed childbirth due to relative equality of women will expose breast tissue to more frequent growth signals and hormones and unfortunately this is associated with greater breast cancer incidence. I would like to learn about any associations between synthetic fat soluble compounds which tend to distribute to breast tissue and are also associated with elevated cancer incidence. Anyone have some good reading suggestions? P.S. Your Call Radio Rocks!