Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Your Call 112608 Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

What's behind the continued violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo? On the next Your Call, we'll talk about the longest and deadliest war since WWII. More than five million people have died. Many millions more have been made refugees and there is no end in sight. Why has fighting flared up again? What role do global consumers play in Congo's civil war? What's the U.S. role? What can we do to stop it? It's Your Call, with Sandip Roy and you.

Guests: Adam Hochschild, lecturer, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley and author of King Leopold's Ghost & Bury the Chains

Thomas Turner, Amnesty International USA country specialist on the Democratic Republic of Congo and Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University

Click to Listen: Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Martha Saavedra said...

On November 20, 2008, the Center for African Studies at Berkeley hosted a special presentation on Congo by two other Berkeley scholars, Patrick Vinck and Dan Fahey. The presentations are online as are a number of links.

We will have a follow-up session in the spring. Contact us for more information: