Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your Call 073008 By Bike, BART or Bus

What kind of a vacations can you take when you're taking public transportation? On the next Your Call we'll talk about all the places you can end up in Northern California when you start out at your corner bus stop. In its annual summer vacation survey, the American Automobile Association said the average North American vacation will cost $244 per day for two people. If you're one of the millions of Americans not flying or driving this summer, how far away can you get from your own front door? It's Your Call, with Sandip Roy and you.


John Vlahides in San Francisco
A travel writer and author of five books for Lonely Planet, including the California, Southwest USA Travel Guide and Coastal California Travel Guides and the Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide.

Brad Day in San Francisco
Founder and Managing Editor of the Weekend Sherpa, a free, weekly e-mail and Web site giving people recommendations on the Bay Area's best outdoor pursuits and little-known adventures. The email goes out every Thursday.

Jim Allison in San Francisco
Spokesperson for BART and MyBART, an email newsletter and website about finding activities, discounts on those activities, events and destinations that you can ride BART to.

John Trippe in San Francisco
Founder/ Editor of Fecal Face dot com, a comprehensive, art and culture website supporting the art scene in San Francisco and beyond since 2000.

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